Scomp: A Solution to the Multilevel Security Problem

1983 Computer  
The Honeywell Secure Communications Processor supports a variety of specialized applications that require the processing of information with multilevel security attributes. A commercial hardware product, the Scomp system is a unique implementation of a hardware/software general-purpose operating system based on the security kernel concept. Scomp hardware supports a Multics-like, hardware-enforced ring mechanism, virtual memory, virtual I/O processing, page-fault recovery support, and
more » ... mechanisms to aid in the implementation of an efficient operating system. The Scomp trusted operating program, or STOP, is a security-kernel-based, general-purpose operating system that provides a multilevel hierarchical file system, interprocess communication, security administrator functions, and operator commands.
doi:10.1109/mc.1983.1654440 fatcat:c3rr57x6ivhftf2x5hyxpbzrva