Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal Awareness, Acceptance, Observations and Competency towards E-books Among University Library Staff: A Survey

Vrushali Borkar
2017 An International Journal in English   unpublished
Adoption of e-books in university libraries has become the need of the day as no library can fulfill all the increasing requirements of their users only with the printed books. Though the movement away from the printed books towards e-books is not possible at present in the traditional university libraries in India; it can be the movement e-books along with the printed books. When we compare the usage of e-books India with the developed foreign countries, we find there is a big difference.
more » ... ig difference. E-books have many advantages over printed books. Some of them are many users can use them at the same time; no need of going in the library to issue or return the e-books, users can issue costly or reference e-books also; no physical space of stack is required to keep them; no threat of theft and damage of e-books etc. Users from traditional universities should get orientation and training of using e-books is necessary. And at the same time the library staff which is directly in contact with the users should know, aware and competent enough to give the electronic services to the users. Ultimately getting the relevant information in least efforts is the requirement of users and user satisfaction is the ultimate aim of any library. This paper focuses the idea that not only the higher level staff in the library but also the end staff who deals with the users should be aware and competent towards e-books.