Video Malware-Behavioral Analysis

Rajdeepsinh Dodia, Priyanka Bhati, Anil Kvvprasad, Anisetti
The counts of malware attacks exploiting the internet increasing day by day and has become a serious threat. The latest malware spreading out through the media players embedded using the video clip of funny in nature to lure the end users. Once it is executed and installed, then the behavior of the malware is in the malware author's hand. The spread of the malware emulates through Internet, USB drives, sharing of the files and folders can be anything which makes presence concealed. The "funny
more » ... deo" named as it connected to the film celebrity where the malware variant was collected from the laptop of the terror outfit organization .It runs in the backend which it contains malicious code which steals the user sensitive information like banking credentials, username & password and send it to the remote host user called command & control. The stealed data is directed to the email encapsulated in the malicious code. The potential malware will spread through the USB and other devices .In summary, the analysis reveals the presence of malicious code in executable video file and its behavior.