Developing and implementing a community-based suicide prevention program in Iranian primary health care: study protocol [post]

2020 unpublished
: Since 2013, WHO has had a global mental health action plan which includes reducing suicide rate by 10% in countries by 2020. However, only 18% of countries have a registry for suicide. The community-based Suicide Prevention Program (SPP) statistic is much lower than registry for suicide. Suicide is a growing concern in Iran. A health community assessment found that suicide and Suicidal Behaviors (SBs) are one of the most important public health problems in Malekan County, East Azerbaijan
more » ... nce of Iran. This calls for a regional SPP effort in Primary Health Care (PHC). Methods: A regional community-based SPP was established during 2014-2017 in two phases including development and implementation. The development phase focuses on three pillars: 1) review of systematic reviews, 2) expert comments, and 3) report to the health care system. The implantation phase also carried out in five steps: 1) improving coverage of SBs registration, 2) identification of determinants of SBs, 3) follow up monitoring of SBs people, 4) treatment for depression and conducting research, and 5) developing public education campaigns. Primary outcome was reducing the rate of completed suicide. Secondary outcomes were considered Suicide Attempt (SA) and reattempt. Our ultimate goal was considered to lower by 15%, 20% and 30% rates of suicide, SA, and re-attempt, respectively. Discussion : In this study protocol, we have been to outline and explain the steps of developing and implementing a regional community-based SPP by using the highly effective evidence and field expert's comments. Implementing SPP with low cost and easily adaptable in PHC is the most important site for the case management of SBs and materialization of interventions in the health system including various types of health service providers and coverage of a large number of people. This study is both research and action. It needs to involve and support of the health system and inter-sectoral 3 collaborations to achieve the goal of such community-based Health System Research. This HSR was approved to number 60665 in an electronic system
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:nfnukvysdrbmdmqfbngjrh7mou