Student Achievement SMK Competence Relating to Entering The World of Work Global Preparedness (A Case Study in Vocational School in West Java)

Tasma Sucita
2019 Proceedings of the 5th UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ICTVET 2018)   unpublished
The development of the quality of education in Indonesia at the moment still has not improved significantly. Based on the data in the country it is known that the National Examination elementary schools to high schools not reflect the real value which, if interpreted in the ability to master students are still relatively low and no significant increase. Information from the business world also appears to complaints that graduates entering the workforce do not have good job readiness. Absorption
more » ... related information data and the unemployment rate obtained from BPS West Java province shows that vocational graduates have the unemployment rate the highest percentage or the number of kills nearly two million. To the authors wanted to know on student achievement of competence relating to readiness for entering the workforce Global. The method developed problems related to this research is descriptive analytical methods sampling of some of the existing vocational school in West Java, which has a membership program Power Installation Engineering. The achievement of the competency of graduating from Vocational showed good. With both these categories is the initial capital as the provision of life skills to enter the workforce. These results may contribute to education, especially regarding the implementation of the system-oriented education in the field of vocational life skills.
doi:10.2991/ictvet-18.2019.65 fatcat:fqhgqn6vuzgtbll7757bmxwuka