Neues aus: New Manual of Botany of the Central Rocky Mountains. 1909

J. M. Coulter, A. Nelson
1911 Repertorium novarum specierum regni vegetabilis  
Corispermum imbricatum A. Nelson, 1. c., p. 164 . -Very glabrous throughout; branches spreading from th? crown of the annual root. 1-2 dm long, simple, spike-like and floriferous nearly to the base: leaves crowded-imbricate, lanceolate to ovate, 7 -1 5 mm long, broadly scarious-margined : fruit oval, about 3 mm long, narrow wing-like margin, yellowish. Characters much like the preceding but of very different habit. -S o u t h e a s t e r n W y o m i n g a ) . Salsola pestifer A. Nelson, 1. c.,
more » ... . 169. -Bushy-branched, at first soft and succulent, in age rigid, often 1 m broad and high: leaves and outer branched bright red at maturity: the linear leaves becoming rigid and prickle-tipped: calys membranous, conspicuously veiny on the wings. (8. Tragus of Am. authors, not S. Tragus L.) -The now widely distributed "Russian Thistle". Streptanthus coloradensis A. Kelson, 1. c , p. 211. -Sparsely ciliate-hirsute, especially below: stems several from the crown of a biennial or perennial root, ascending, 1-3 dm long: radical leaves obovate-spatulate. sharply serrate around the summit, short-petioled, ovatelanceolate, clasping-auricled, 1-3 cm long: flowers white, crowded a t first, the raceme much lengthened in fruit: sepals linear, acute, half a s long as the obovate-spatulate petals: silique linear, 6-9 cm long, ascending. somewhat torulose. attenuate to a beak 3-5 mm long; the stipe slender, about 5 mm long. half as long a s the slender pedicel. (EukZiclisia crassifoh Rydb. Bull. Torr. Bot. Club. XXXIII: 142, 1906; not 8. crussifoZius Greene, Pitt. 111: 227, 1897.) -W e s t e r n Colorado. Arabis aprica Osterh., 1. c., p. 228. -Biennial, glabrous above, cinerous below with a subhispid branched (not stellate) pubescence: stems 1-4 from the single crown, ascending, 1,5-2 cm high: basal leaves a crowded fascicle on the summit of the crown (the few stems arising just below or outside of the clustered leaves), hispid-ciliate, narrowly oblanceolate, tapering to a slender petiole, about 3 cm long; cauline leaves few, glabrous, merely foliar lanceolate auriculate bracts : flowers few. small: petals light rose, twice a s long as the sepals: siliques glabrous, linear, somewhat curved, reflesed or pendent, on short widely spreading pedicels: seeds in 1 irregular row. -On naked limestone slopes; s o u t h e a s t e r n W y o m i n g t o C o l o r a d o . 5. Arabis perelegans A. Nelson, I. c., p. 228. --Tall biennial, more or less pubescent with branched hairs below, glabrate upward: stems * ) Die vielen Yiamenshnderungen siehe im Index nov. spec., 1909 in Just's Botaniscliem Jahresberichte. F e d d e . 2, I k ist im lnteresse der Florist& entschiedeu zu bedauern, dass bei diesen Xeubeschreibungen meder der genaue Standort noch der Sammler nngegeberi ist. -F e d il e.
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