The Development of a Resin Nut for Non-lubricant Slide-screw with High Load Capacity (Study on the Friction and Wear Property of Resin Materials for Slide-screw by Using Pin-on-disk Test)

Takamitsu TANAGAKI, Hiroyuki KOUSAKA, Noritsugu UMEHARA, Takuya ISHII, Yoshio OKI
2005 Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Series C  
Slide-screw (SCR) test using resin nuts was conducted together with Pin-on-disk (POD) test for the same resin materials, in order to know the relations of friction coefficient and specific wear rate of resin materials for SCR between both of tests. The results showed that the friction coefficients were almost the same (-0.27) in both of the tests, while the specific wear rate tended tobecome larger in SCR test than in POD test. The larger specific wear rate in SCR tests was ascribed to the
more » ... scribed to the longer contact length (the length of contact area along sliding direction), which was 550 mm between the screw and resin nuts and 3 mm between the disk and resin pins. In practice, the specific wear rate was decreased in the SCR test using the resin nut with 18 mm contact length, which was shortened by cutting the screw thread away over 1.5 mm width at every 180 degree seen from the axial direction.
doi:10.1299/kikaic.71.3262 fatcat:rvkditg4xbgg7gn5ty7pytqc3m