Fractional-Order Food Chain Model with Omnivore and Anti-Predator

Adin Lazuardy Firdiansyah
2023 Communication in Biomathematical Sciences  
A fractional-order food chain model is proposed in this article. The model is built by prey, intermediate predator, and omnivore. It is assumed that intermediate predator only eat prey and omnivore can consume prey and intermediate predator. But, prey has the ability called as anti-predator behavior to escape from both predators. For the first discussion, it is found that all solutions are existential, uniqueness, boundedness, and non-negative. Further, we analyze the existence condition and
more » ... al stability of all points, that is point for the extinction of all populations, both predators, intermediate predator, omnivore, and point for the existence of all populations. We also investigate the global stability of all points, except point for the extinction of all populations and both predators. Finally, we preform several numerical solutions by using the nonstandard Grunwald-Letnikov approximation to demonstrate the our analytical results.
doi:10.5614/cbms.2022.5.2.2 fatcat:rpk4on277feydkkcjfw65k53du