Effects of Essential Oil Fumigation on Potato Sprouting at Room-Temperature Storage

Jena L. Thoma, Charles L. Cantrell, Valtcho D. Zheljazkov
2022 Plants  
As a global staple, potato plays an important role in meeting human dietary needs and alleviating malnutrition. Potato sprouting during storage is a major issue that threatens food security by increasing food waste and must therefore be controlled. Biopesticides, including essential oils (EOs), have a history of use as potato sprout suppressants, and interest in their use has been renewed in response to stricter regulations on CIPC, the dominant chemical sprout suppressant over the last
more » ... tury. We evaluated twenty-one EOs as potential sprout suppressants in cv. Ranger Russet potatoes at room-temperature storage. Treatment with Artemisia herba-alba EO was the most effective at suppressing both sprout length and sprout number over a 90-day storage period. GC—MS—FID analysis of A. herba-alba EO revealed the presence of α-thujone, hexadecenoic acid, β-thujone, camphor, sabinene, and camphene at amounts >1%. Cistus ladanifer, Ocimum basilicum, Ormenis mixta, and Salvia sclarea EOs significantly reduced sprout length for shorter storage periods, whereas Cinnamomum zeylanicum (bark) and Laurus nobilis EOs also significantly reduced sprout number. Syzygium aromaticum (clove) EO did not significantly suppress sprouting at room temperature. These results indicate the potential of certain EOs to be used as sprout suppressants for room-temperature potato storage, providing needed alternatives for both organic and conventional potato industries.
doi:10.3390/plants11223109 pmid:36432838 pmcid:PMC9695867 fatcat:bl6ll7adubh7necb7gshgjz4jy