A new species of Tarabulida (Solifugae: Daesiidae) from Kenya, with the first complete description of a male of the genus

Kristie Reddick, Charles M. Warui, Robert Wharton
2010 The journal of arachnology  
We describe a new species of Tarabulida Roewer 1933 from Kenya. This genus was previously known from only two species (Tarabulida ephippiata Roewer 1933 and Tarabulida fumigata Roewer 1933) from Libya, which were described from specimens reported as females. Tarabulida mugambii new species is based on specimens collected in northwestern Kenya, representing the first complete description of a male Tarabulida and the first record for the genus from Kenya. We also discuss problems associated with
more » ... ms associated with characterizing Tarabulida and its placement within the Daesiidae. A lectotype is designated for the type species of Tarabulida, T. ephippiata Roewer 1933.
doi:10.1636/ha10-19.1 fatcat:sjqs6bp6efbqjmwctq6udh6gri