Hospital 'Charity'

1874 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Nov. I4, 1874.] THE BRITISH MEDICAL _OURNVAL. 633 3. Mlr. E C.i,ES exhibited for 'Mr. Solomon a case of ChDroid )-Iritis relieve(l by a free vcrtical incision1 of the corniea. 4. Mr. P1RIES1 LX SmrI s11showed a new Demonstrating Ophthallnoscope. 5 . Mr. B AR1T LEET show!ed the hones remove0d in an Excision of the Knee-Joint. 'Ihlc patella was ankyloseed to the femullEr, and a sequeltirum lay loose in the lhca(l of the tihia. A peculiar feature in this case, was the very sli.i ht symptoms whiclh
more » ... attenided such an advanced sLage of articular (liscase. 6. AMr. OTLrEY exhibited the righlit Scapula of a mais aged 5o. The bodly of the bone swas transversely fracttnre(d in two places, and this injury, togetlher with that of fi-actttre of the underlying ribs, was caused by the -wheel of a car-t going over the chest. 7. Dr. JOLLY exlhibited a specimen of Caries of the Bones of the rN'rist Joinit, for which amiputation of the forearm ha(l been performed.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.724.633-d fatcat:uqv4efsswzbqnh7im5t6t6mcwq