On the Non-Local Surface Plasmons' Contribution to the Casimir Force between Graphene Sheets

Yan Francescato, Simon R. Pocock, Vincenzo Giannini
2020 Physics  
Herein we demonstrate the dramatic effect of non-locality on the plasmons which contribute to the Casimir forces, with a graphene sandwich as a case study. The simplicity of this system allowed us to trace each contribution independently, as we observed that interband processes, although dominating the forces at short separations, are poorly accounted for in the framework of the Dirac cone approximation alone, and should be supplemented with other descriptions for energies higher than 2.5 eV.
more » ... gher than 2.5 eV. Finally, we proved that distances smaller than 200 nm, despite being extremely relevant to state-of-the-art measurements and nanotechnology applications, are inaccessible with closed-form response function calculations at present.
doi:10.3390/physics2010003 fatcat:govpkm72b5dozefs3wp6vfvyna