Innovative Acoustic Reflection Imaging Techniques And Application To Clinical Breast Tomography

Steve Schmidt, Steve Schmidt, Phillip, Steven Schmidt, Steven Schmidt
2010 unpublished
All Rights Reserved iii DEDICATION To my grandfather Dr. Gerald Brueckner, M.D. and his never-ending curiosity and wisdom in all aspects of science and life. To Mike, who always set the academic bar for his younger brother. To my parents, for expressing continual concern and support for both of their sons' educational endeavors. To Kim, words cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life or how lucky I am to be a part of yours. v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank first and
more » ... nk first and foremost Dr. Olivier Roy for his assistance and input over the last few months. He really took a large co-pilot seat in the development of the algorithms for this project. He asked every question that I could and couldn't answer about what I was working on, and it really helped guide me in the production of my work. He was always open for me to bounce ideas off of, and was extremely helpful in organizing the vast areas of the project.