DPMine/C: C++ Library and Graphical Frontend for DPMine Workflow Language

Sergey Shershakov
2014 unpublished
DPMine generic purpose workflow language is rooted in DPMine/P scientific workflow language and a set of plug-ins for ProM which originally were developed for convenient piping of different plug-ins within ProM framework. DPMine/C is a new version of DPMine workflow language and a C++ library. The main language concept was complemented by comprehensive analysis of DPMine/C model execution semantics. This paper also discusses approaches to the block types extension concept relying on development
more » ... of new block type classes and customization of the model storage subsystem. Finally, we show an approach for implementation of a GUI frontend.
doi:10.15514/syrcose-2014-8-14 fatcat:7n7f2traljhtjdpkmbgbswgcr4