'n Pastoraal-narratiewe metode om lewenshanteringsvaardighede by kankerpasiënte te identifiseer

J. Steyn, J. -A. Van den Berg
2005 In die Skriflig  
Identifying life-coping skills for cancer patients by means of a pastoral narrative method A cluster of life-coping skills are explained in the context of case studies involving cancer patients. Patients' alternative life stories may be compared to fresh springs of water, gushing forth to yield new purposeful lives. The arguments in this article are intended to direct pastoral therapists and caregivers towards meaningful interaction with cancer patients, assisting the latter to accept the
more » ... to accept the diagnosis on the basis of understanding and knowledge of what has happened to them. Knowledge implies externalisation, the use of metaphors, acceptance and hope. The coping mechanism of meaningful relationships may link past and present relationships so that the patient's support base and ability to cope and grow may be strengthened. A deepening of faith and a service orientation may function as coping skills as the cancer patient attempts to satisfy the need to feel cared for by means of caring for others. New hobbies may emerge and the patient may, especially in groups, learn to redirect creative energy. A renewed worth in Christ deepens the coping base by way of a link with the great narrative of the Scriptures.
doi:10.4102/ids.v39i4.412 fatcat:wlpniftzlneuhaw77aljaxc4du