Improvement of structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of Co2MnSi thin films by He+ irradiation

O. Gaier, J. Hamrle, B. Hillebrands, M. Kallmayer, P. Pörsch, G. Schönhense, H. J. Elmers, J. Fassbender, A. Gloskovskii, C. A. Jenkins, C. Felser, E. Ikenaga (+4 others)
2009 Applied Physics Letters  
The influence of 30 keV He^+ ion irradiation on structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Co_2MnSi thin films with B2 order was investigated. It was found, that irradiation with light ions can improve the local chemical order. This provokes changes of the electronic structure and element-specific magnetization towards the bulk properties of the well-ordered Co_2MnSi Heusler compound with L2_1 structure.
doi:10.1063/1.3119188 fatcat:3ba7n46zabacliywdic424wrgy