Chiral bosonization for non-commutative fields

Ashok Das, J Gamboa, Fernando M ndez, Justo L pez-Sarri n
2004 Journal of High Energy Physics  
A model of chiral bosons on a non-commutative field space is constructed and new generalized bosonization (fermionization) rules for these fields are given. The conformal structure of the theory is characterized by a level of the Kac-Moody algebra equal to (1+ θ^2) where θ is the non-commutativity parameter and chiral bosons living in a non-commutative fields space are described by a rational conformal field theory with the central charge of the Virasoro algebra equal to 1. The non-commutative
more » ... hiral bosons are shown to correspond to a free fermion moving with a speed equal to c^' = c √(1+θ^2) where c is the speed of light. Lorentz invariance remains intact if c is rescaled by c → c^'. The dispersion relation for bosons and fermions, in this case, is given by ω = c^' | k|.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2004/05/022 fatcat:qrgz672vfrbqvdlev7htae3n3q