Social Media, Consumer Behavior, and Service Marketing [chapter]

Abigail Chivandi, Michael Olorunjuwon Samuel, Mammo Muchie
2019 Consumer Behavior and Marketing [Working Title]  
This study examined the impact of social media platforms and brand awareness in relation to the consumer decision-making and buying behavior patterns influenced by social media. It also depicts how companies can effectively make use of social media platforms as marketing strategy tools in business performances. Social media platforms seem to be increasingly and effectively bringing brand awareness and influence consumers' purchase decision-making and later on realize repeat purchases that bring
more » ... urchases that bring about customer loyalty. Social media also has some influence to both the consumer and the marketers and is becoming the most welcomed online selling point by the millennial. Marketers/producers have noticed the rise in social media consumers; however, most of the business entities have not yet utilized social media to its fullest in their marketing activities and business strategies and performances. The study highlights the benefits of using social media platforms and brand awareness strategies that can be utilized through the online social media systems and gives a contemporary research gap, in how frequent businesses are engaging with social media.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.85406 fatcat:mb6ucm4tz5ai5c7klittm2n6vi