Efficacy of formol titration test for estimating the milk solid non fat in ice cream

S Shekarforoush, K Abhari
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The present study was established to evaluate the efficacy of formol titration test in detecting the protein and milk solid non fat (MSNF) values in ice cream. A total of 41 ice cream samples and constituents such as fresh milk, skim milk powder and whey powder were tested. The dry matter, fat, ash, total proteins, sugars and MSNF (by calculations) of the samples were measured. The MSNF were also measured by formol titration method. Regression coefficient between total proteins of ice cream,
more » ... sured by Kjheldal and formol titration was 0.07 (p>0.6). This value was 0.11 (p>0.5) between true MSNF and measured by formol titration. Our results revealed that the formol titration test was not a valid procedure to estimate the protein values of ice cream, and we were not been able to assess the MSNF values based on the measurement of proteins using formol titration and also Kjheldal method. As a final result, we propose the replacement of "percent of total MSNF" by "the lowest values of total proteins" in the number 2450 rule, of the Iranian national standard regulations.