D. Biddle
1894 The Lancet  
224 THE INCREASED RTORTALITY FROM DIPHTHERTA. commission.-Rifle .' 1st Lanarksbire : Surgeon-Captain A. Adams, M.D., to be Surgeon-Major.-7th Volunteer Battalion, the Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) : Surgeon-Captain J. L. Crombie to be Surgeon-Major.-12th Middlesex (Civil Service) : Eustace Maude Callender, M.D., to be Surgeon-Lieutenant. lst Volunteeer Battalion, the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment: Surgeon-Lieutenant S. Farmer resigns his commission. HERR DOWE'S CUIRASS. The exhibitions that
more » ... e exhibitions that took place in this country and on the Continent of Herr Dowe's bullet-proof cuirass attracted a good deal of attention a short time ago. Although the experimental trials of this invention were reported to have been attended with a considerable measure of success, there were several points which were never satisfactorily cleared up, in regard, for example, to the resistance of the cuirass to penetration, and the dissipation of the energy stored up in the bullet without any injurious results, and, lastly, how such an invention could be made practically applicable to war purposes. For ourselves we never considered it at all likely that the military surgeon's occupation was to be
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