Development of a Body Dissatisfaction Scale Assessment Tool

Gabriella Mutale, Andrew Dunn, James Stiller, Rebecca Larkin, Gabriella Mutale
2016 The New School Psychology Bulletin   unpublished
The present research details the development of a new pictorial scale (Body Dissatisfaction Scale) to be used in the measurement of body dissatisfaction. The scale comprises nine female and nine male images of computer generated bodies that increase successively in body weight. Using a sample of 190 students (female = 130, male = 60) results showed that the new scale exhibits good validity, with participants being able to correctly identify body weight differences between all bodies in the
more » ... . Evidence for construct validity was demonstrated by significant correlations between ratings of perceived actual body size using the current scale and participants' BMI. Body dissatisfaction measured using the current scale was also negatively correlated with a measure of body appreciation. Test-retest reliability remained stable over a 5 week period. The scale improves on previous pictorial scales by offering both male and female versions while offering improved realism and consistency between images.