Energy distribution functions of kilovolt ions in a modified Penning discharge

J R Roth
1973 Plasma Physics  
The distribution function of ion energy parallel to the magnetic field of a modified Penning discharge has been measured with a retarding potential energy analyzer. These ions escaped through one of the throats of the magnetic mirror geometry. Simultaneous measurements of the TO ion energy distribution function perpendicular to the magnetic field have i-c i been made with a charge-exchange neutral detector. The ion energy distribution functions are approximately Maxwellian, and the parallel and
more » ... nd the parallel and perpendicular kinetic temperatures are equal within experimental error. These results suggest that turbulent processes previously observed in this discharge Maxwellianize the velocity distribution along a radius in velocity space, and result in an isotropic energy distribution. The kinetic temperatures observed are on the order of kilovolts, and the tails of the ion energy distribution functions are Maxwellian for up to a factor of 7 e-folds in energy. When the distributions depart from Maxwellian, they are enhanced above the Maxwellian tail. Above densities of about 10 particles per cubic centimeter, this enhancement appears to be the result of a second, higher temperature Maxwellian distribution. At these high particle energies, only the ions perpendicular to the magnetic field lines were investigated. 2
doi:10.1088/0032-1028/15/10/005 fatcat:gyxe5cguy5cthcmjisqb3hs6yi