Certification of bounds on expressions involving rounded operators [article]

Marc Daumas, Guillaume Melquiond (LIP, INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
2007 arXiv   pre-print
Gappa uses interval arithmetic to certify bounds on mathematical expressions that involve rounded as well as exact operators. Gappa generates a theorem with its proof for each bound treated. The proof can be checked with a higher order logic automatic proof checker, either Coq or HOL Light, and we have developed a large companion library of verified facts for Coq dealing with the addition, multiplication, division, and square root, in fixed- and floating-point arithmetics. Gappa uses
more » ... ecision dyadic fractions for the endpoints of intervals and performs forward error analysis on rounded operators when necessary. When asked, Gappa reports the best bounds it is able to reach for a given expression in a given context. This feature is used to quickly obtain coarse bounds. It can also be used to identify where the set of facts and automatic techniques implemented in Gappa becomes insufficient. Gappa handles seamlessly additional properties expressed as interval properties or rewriting rules in order to establish more intricate bounds. Recent work showed that Gappa is perfectly suited to the proof of correctness of small pieces of software. Proof obligations can be written by designers, produced by third-party tools or obtained by overloading arithmetic operators.
arXiv:cs/0701186v2 fatcat:mel4y5bsxbb35czmvk3obtlenq