Optimization of Instrument Design for In-Line Monitoring of Dry Matter Content in Single Potatoes by NIR Interaction Spectroscopy

Jens Petter Wold, Marion O'Farrell, Petter Vejle Andersen, Jon Tschudi
2021 Foods  
Dry matter (DM) content is one of the most important quality features of potatoes. It defines the physical properties of the potatoes and determines what kind of product the potatoes can be used for. This paper presents the results obtained by a novel prototype NIR (near-infrared) instrument designed to measure DM content in single potatoes in process. The instrument is based on interaction measurements to measure deeper into the potatoes. It measures rapidly, up to 50 measurements per second,
more » ... llowing several moving potatoes to be measured per second. The instrument also enables several interactance distances to be recorded for each measurement. The instrument was calibrated based on three different potato varieties and the calibration measurements were done in a process plant, making the calibration model suitable for in-line use. A good calibration for DM was obtained by partial least squares regression (RMSECV = 0.78% DM, R2 = 0.91). The instrument was tested in-line in the process plant and several batches of potatoes were monitored for the estimation of the DM distribution per batch. Accuracy of DM determination as function of measurement position on the potato was studied, and results indicate that NIR scans along the center part of the potatoes give slightly better results compared to scans taken on either side of the center. Small differences in optical measurement geometry influence the accuracy of the calibration models, underlining the importance of optimizing instrument design for successful measurements.
doi:10.3390/foods10040828 pmid:33920393 fatcat:jucyapkbljasxl5sa4ilpgppvi