Myanmar Youth and Impact of English Language Proficiency Towards Job Grabbing

Ma Tin Cho Mar
2020 Proceedings of the International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2020)   unpublished
As Myanmar moves towards further democratization, the country is rapidly emerging as an attractive travel destination in Southeast Asia. The pace of sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Myanmar is determined in part by the quality of its labor force. Youth human capital development requires a comprehensive and coherent strategy to capture the symbiotic relationship between educational attainment and continuous learning, labor productivity, and growth. The focus of human capital
more » ... nt policies is equity and quality of services, regulation of the labor market, and the development of a productive labor force that can adapt to new economic opportunities. This paper meant to discuss how English proficiency is crucial for the young generation to gain employment opportunities. At present, have seen unprecedented popularity of English in this former British colony where English proficiencies "lead to economic advantages, help in dealing with the outside world, and improve prospects of study abroad and employment. The qualitative data support the general conclusions from the quantitative analysis. The personal accounts would be collected during the interview phase not only highlight some of the problems faced by graduates as they seek employment in their field of study, but also identify ways in which policies and practices might respond to these issues based on the tools such as employment outcomes with low levels of ELP. This paper aimed to find out if the analysis of the longitudinal survey data would demonstrate whether oral English language skills are the key predictor of successful employment outcomes in Myanmar. Likewise, finding of this study intended to contribute to the aspect of various interviewees considered 'workplaceready' ELP to include both general and specific occupation language skills.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.201017.092 fatcat:nizqnevlqrdt7pprg3oidt2fdq