Der wechselseitige Einfluss von Selbstkonzept und Leistung bei Grundschulkindern im Lichte verschiedener längsschnittlicher Analysemethoden [post]

Jan-Henning Ehm
2020 unpublished
The association between academic self-concept and achievement is assumed to be reciprocal. Although a large amount of research has been interpreted as demonstrating a bidirectional association, these results are typically based on variants of the classical cross-lagged panel model and often include only one achievement indicator in the models. Results with more recently developed methodological approaches, for example, the random-intercept cross-lagged panel model, are hardly found so far. The
more » ... resent study aimed to test the association between math self-concept and math achievement with different models to evaluate whether positive cross effects can be demonstrated with the alternatives models. Drawing on a sample of 1952 elementary students from Grade 1 to Grade 3, results of structural equation modeling yielded noticeable differences. While effects of achievement on self-concept can been demonstrated in all models, the evidence for the reverse effects is rather weak. The results are discussed with regard to the theoretical assumptions and appropriate methodological approaches.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:cixawu6rkzewbchdisjud324su