Some Highland Folklore

W. A. Craigie
1898 Folklore  
References to the Nibelung story are not frequent in early English literature, and they are all old {Beowulf, WidsitK) except possibly a reference in Sir Degrwant, which has apparently not yet been noticed: Y hade leve she were myne Thane alle the gold in the Reyne fiausoned one floiene, She is myne so dere. -Sir Degrevant, L 595 sq. {Thornton Romances, ed. J. O. Halliwell, Camden Society, 1844.) The gold of Rhine can hardly be anything but the hoard of the Nibelungs. How it came down to a
more » ... enth-century English scribe, whether by continuous tradition from the old times or by later communication with Germany, may be left as a problem. W. P. KER. SOME HIGHLAND FOLKLORE. In the spring of 1896 I received from a native .of Farr, Sutherlandshire, a few notes on some traditions of the district, " told by most respectable and trustworthy people-stories which they said came under their own observation." Finding that two or three of these were fairly interesting, I afterwards got him to tell them over in Gaelic, which I took down at the time, retaining as far as possible the peculiarities of his dialect As so little has been done in the way of printing local Gaelic, I append some of the originals to the English translations. 1
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