Construction Contractor's Initial Reactions and Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the South Central US

Heather Yates, Sanjeev Adhikari, Rachel Mosier
Based on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, businesses throughout the US were affected by closures, by status as essential or nonessential businesses, and by other new and unforeseen regulations which were implemented with little notice. In order to understand how these changes affected construction contractors, a short survey was created. The survey was initially distributed in May 2020, so responses are based on initial reactions to the pandemic. The survey questions included both yes/no and
more » ... g-answer response types. Additionally, virtual focus group discussions occurred through a university industry advisory board and the local AGC chapter. The multiple data sources provided an opportunity of the triangulation of the data to produce a more robust view of the issue. From the survey long-answer questions and the focus group discussions, a thematic analysis was performed. Many themes were found in all three sources demonstrating the most common responses in regards to safety and operations.
doi:10.29007/5pn5 fatcat:gudkbsxcxnabnmi6zpdzkth3ca