Gibberellic Acid Protection against EMS and MMS Induced Damage to Chromosomes in Pisum sativum L

V. G. Narsinghani, Sudhir Kumar
Chromosomal aberrations produced by physical and chemical mutagens are the main causes of damage in mutation studies However, recent experiments have amply revealed that a great many factors modify the chromosomal damage by affecting the biological changes induced by physical and chemical mutagens (Curtis et al., 1958 , Nilan et al., 1961 and Konzak et al., 1965 . Hormones, e.g., indole acetic acid, along with other chemicals have been found to modify the mutagenic damage only to the extent
more » ... y to the extent that they influence the growth pattern in plants (Guttman and Brown 1959 , Gaur and Notani 1963 and Arartjan 1967 . The present experiments relate to cytological changes observed in ethyl methane sulphonate (EMS) and methyl methane sulphonate (MMS) treated peas during M" M2 and M3 generations. Further, studies were also conducted to study the modify ing effect of post-mutagenic treatments with gibberellic acid. Materials and methods
doi:10.1508/cytologia.41.291 pmid:181210 fatcat:nhjmgkhvd5ci5pdnga7xqgo5di