Mass and Heat Transfer Analysis of Membrane Humidifier with a Simple Lumped Mass Model
단순모델을 이용한 막 가습기 열 및 물질 전달 특성 해석

Sang-Seok Yu, Young-Duk Lee, Ho-June Bae, Joon-Young Hwang, Kook-Young Ahn
2009 Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers B  
The performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is seriously changed by the humidification condition which is intrinsic characteristics of the PEMFC. Typically, the humidification of fuel cell is carried out with internal or external humidifier. A membrane humidifier is applied to the external humidification of residential power generation fuel cell due to its convenience and high performance. In this study, a simple static model is constructed to understand the physical phenomena
more » ... of the membrane humidifier in terms of geometric parameters and operating parameters. The model utilizes the concept of shell and tube heat exchanger but the model is also able to estimate the mass transport through the membrane. Model is constructed with FORTRAN under Matlab/Simulink Ò environment to keep consistency with other  components model which we already developed. Results shows that the humidity of wet gas and membrane thickness are critical parameters to improve the performance of the humidifier 기호설명
doi:10.3795/ksme-b.2009.33.8.596 fatcat:zlghm4oq4bcvfj7pnqs7v3wpj4