Part 20: Pilot Certificates

If an applicant is less than 21 years of age at the time of making application, he shall sub mit with his application the written consent of either parent or legal or natural guardian. 20.02 Citizenship. Applicant shall be a loyal citizen of the United States or of a friendly foreign government not under the domination of or associated with any government with which the United States is at war. (Wartime regulation to be revised when conditions permit.) 20.03 Education. Applicant shall be able
more » ... ant shall be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language or an appropriate operation limitation will be placed on the student pilot certificate. Physical standards. (a) Powered aircraft. Applicant shall meet the physical standards of the third class prescribed in Part 29. (b) Glider. Applicant shall have no known physical defect which renders him incompetent to pilot a glider, and shall so certify. Aeronautical knowledge. None. PILOT CERTIFICATE AND RATINGS 20.10 Issuance. A pilot certificate will be issued to an applicant who meets the minimum requirements prescribed herein. Private and commercial pilot, aircraft type and class, in strument, flight instructor, and any necessary special ratings for which the pilot has been found qualified will be issued in connection with a pilot certificate. Graduates of certificated flying schools. A graduate of a certificated flying school will be deemed to have met the aeronautical experience requirements of this Part, if he presents an appropriate certificate of graduation within 60 days after graduation date.
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