Child Marriage, A Culturally Accepted Privilege of Orthodoxies: The Case of Pakistan

Abdullahi Ayoade Ahmad, Sobia Jamil, Syed Zohaib Abbas Rizvi, Nasa'i Muhammad Gwadabe
2019 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
Child marriage is universally believed to be the marriage under the age of eighteen. In other words, an immature or irresponsible person that has no ability to act independently. Child marriage practice is rampant in several countries. Poverty, illiteracy and gender inequality are the main causes of child marriages which affect the victims physically, socially, psychologically and economically. Apart from these reasons, a traditional assembly of leaders (Jirgas) in Pakistan endorses the
more » ... ndorses the practice of wedding off a minor girl to a boy, young or elderly man of the grieved party as a compensation for heinous crimes. These crimes include murder, kidnapping, befriending women, adultery and debt payments; exchange marriages at times take place without age consideration. The unholy nexus of religious conservatives and cultural orthodoxies is studied in the paper. This research employed qualitative method in which five persons from three districts of Sindh were interviewed who were married off as a child; secondary sources of data are also taken. It seeks to explore values, norms and social attitudes concerning child marriage practices in Pakistan. Corresponding Author
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v8-i12/5255 fatcat:fj7bos6qzjg2ve4tmzbhfbbua4