Facial expression based emotion detection,A Review

Minakshee Sarma, Kaustubh Bhattacharyya
ADBU-Journal of Engineering Technology   unpublished
Emotion detection is the task of recognizing a person's emotion state. Understanding facial expression accurately is one of the challenging task for interpersonal relationship. Automatic emotion detection using facial expressions recognition is now a main area of interest within various fields such as computer vision, medicine and psychology. Various feature extraction techniques have been developed for recognition of expression from static images as well as real time videos. Artificial Neural
more » ... etwork (ANN) based detection for emotion like anger, confusion, happy, sad, annoyed, stressed etc. is now a days, gathering more popularity among the researchers as it provides better results. Human emotion can be detected image through digital processing. Few work done on emotion detection, those are published recently reviewed are summarizes here briefly.