Predicting the behaviour of magnetic reconnection processes in fusion burning plasma experiments

F Porcelli, S.V Annibaldi, D Borgogno, P Buratti, F Califano, R Coelho, E Giovannozzi, D Grasso, E Lazzaro, F Pegoraro, M Ottaviani, A.I Smolyakov
2004 Nuclear Fusion  
Critical stability issues involving magnetic reconnection that are likely to influence the successful operation of burning plasma experiments are addressed. In particular, we discuss: (1) the stabilization of drift-tearing modes in weakly collisional regimes, with particular reference to nonlinear stability, including neo-classical effects; (2) the present understanding of sawtooth oscillations, in particular the interpretation of peculiar sawtooth features in FTU experiments with pellet
more » ... on; (3) reconnection near the X-points of magnetic separatrices. This paper is dedicated to Marshall N. Rosenbluth. PACS numbers: 52.35.Vd, 52.55.-s Tearing modes and magnetic islands of finite width It is well known that electron pressure gradient effects influence significantly the evolution of the tearing mode. In particular, in
doi:10.1088/0029-5515/44/2/020 fatcat:32ufjddegrhxpiq2puk6coy65m