Lowering Legal Barriers to RPKI Adoption

Christopher S. Yoo, David Wishnick
2019 Social Science Research Network  
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Across the Internet, mistaken and malicious routing announcements impose significant costs on users and network operators. To make routing announcements more reliable and secure, Internet coordination bodies have encouraged network operators to adopt the Resource Public Key Infrastructure ("RPKI") framework. Despite this encouragement, RPKI's adoption rates are low, especially in North America. RPKI is a two-sided framework, and on both sides of the framework North American
more » ... works lag behind their peers around the globe. For RPKI to provide increased security, networks must first issue route origin authorizations ("ROAs") to cover their Internet Protocol ("IP") address space. Other networks must also conduct route origin validation ("ROV") on the basis of these ROAs to ensure that routing announcements originate from authorized parties. Recent analysis has suggested that North American networks have issued proportionately fewer ROAs than networks around the globe. Further, when conducting ROV, networks worldwide are less likely to validate routes against North American ROAs than against ROAs issued by networks in other regions of the world. In other words, a material portion of networks conducting ROV do not validate routes
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3308619 fatcat:s6arztxxh5f3xorxjtb3drindu