The Study of Plate Number Recognition for Parking Security System

Shakeeb M.A.N. Abdul Samad, Fahri Heltha, M. Faliq
2020 International Journal of Advanced Technology in Mechanical, Mechatronics and Materials  
Car Plate Number Recognition System is an important platform that can be used to identify a car vehicle identity. The Recognition System is based on image processing techniques and computer vision. A webcam is used to capture an image of the car plate number from different distance, and the identification is conducted through four processes of stages: Image Acquisition Pre-processing, Extraction, Segmentation, and Character Recognition. The Acquisition Pre-processing stage is extracted the
more » ... n of interest of the image. The image is captured by live video of the webcam, then converted to grayscale and binary image. The Extraction stage is extracted the plate number characters from binary image using a connected components method. In the Segmentation stage is done by implementing horizontal projection as well as moving average filter. Lastly, in the Character Recognition, is used to identify the segmented characters of the plate number using optical character recognition. The proposed method is worked well for Malaysian's private cars plate number, and can be implemented in car park system to increase level of security of the system by confirming the bar code of the parking ticket and the plate number of the car at the incoming and outgoing gates.
doi:10.37869/ijatec.v1i3.34 fatcat:fqjqx3twarbjzpwt6l7vluthti