Automatic Generation of Issue Analysis Report Based on Social Big Data Mining
소셜 빅데이터 마이닝 기반 이슈 분석보고서 자동 생성

Jeong Heo, Chung Hee Lee, Hyo Jung Oh, Yeo Chan Yoon, Hyun Ki Kim, Yo Han Jo, Cheol Young Ock
2014 KIPS Transactions on Software and Data Engineering  
In this paper, we propose the system for automatic generation of issue analysis report based on social big data mining, with the purpose of resolving three problems of the previous technologies in a social media analysis and analytic report generation. Three problems are the isolation of analysis, the subjectivity of experts and the closure of information attributable to a high price. The system is comprised of the natural language query analysis, the issue analysis, the social big data
more » ... , the social big data correlation analysis and the automatic report generation. For the evaluation of report usefulness, we used a Likert scale and made two experts of big data analysis evaluate. The result shows that the quality of report is comparatively useful and reliable. Because of a low price of the report generation, the correlation analysis of social big data and the objectivity of social big data analysis, the proposed system will lead us to the popularization of social big data analysis.
doi:10.3745/ktsde.2014.3.12.553 fatcat:bsv45qkzendq3ksrqqa7jpabem