Matroid And Its Outlines [post]

Henry Garrett
2021 unpublished
In this article, there's an effort to make sense about the new versions of matroid. I believe that there's new idea on the background of. matroid. Two styles of matroid is defined in the background of fixed graphs and after that the attributes of these new notion on the graph and its parameters have been studied. The focus of this article is on the version of matroid which has the basis on the cycles as if there's gentle discussion on the results which are based on the set of independent
more » ... independent vertices as matroid-x. The relation amid fundamental parameters and specific set like independent set and minimal set in the terminology of graph theory have been considered. Matroid is the word to use in the study on the parameters of graph theory as if set theory and its terminology are also recorded. The terms of word in various terminology have been relatively used. There are open ways to use hypergraphs or some serious relations amid these two types.
doi:10.20944/preprints202106.0146.v1 fatcat:f3fyoszj7neh5a6jv7a3g6fvw4