New combined analysis of elastic and charge exchange KN(K¯N) scattering in the Regge realm

Byung-Geel Yu, Kook-Jin Kong
2019 Physical Review C  
The Regge features of elastic K^± N→ K^± N, and charge exchange K^-p→K̅^0n and K^+n→ K^0p reactions are described by using a combined analysis of all these channels at high momenta. Based on the meson exchanges in the t-channel with their decays to KK̅ pair allowed, the exchanges of ρ(775)+ω(782) are excluded in contrast to existing model calculations and the present work follows a new scheme for the meson exchanges a_0(980)+ϕ(1020)+f_2(1275)+a_2(1320) reggeized for the forward elastic
more » ... g amplitude together with Pomeron. The charge exchange reactions are described by a_0(980)+a_2(1320) exchanges in the t-channel. Dominance of the isoscalar f_2 and Pomeron exchanges beyond P_ Lab≈3 GeV/c is shown in the elastic process. Both the isovector a_0 and a_2 exchanges in charge exchange reactions play the respective roles in the low and high momentum region. Differential and total cross sections are presented to compare with existing data. Discussion is given to the polarization of K^-p→ K^-p at P_Lab=10 GeV/c and K^-p→K̅^0n at P_Lab= 8 GeV/c.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.100.065206 fatcat:lnsgbx25pncu3f2thb42yhj4dm