Development of Natamycin Loaded Glycerosomes–A Novel Approach to Defend Ophthalmic Keratitis

Priya Gupta, Rupa Mazumder, Swarupanjali Padhi
2020 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research  
Objectives: Glycerosomes represent novel drug delivery systems and are characterised by addition of different amounts of glycerol to liposomal preparations. The present research work aims to formulate eyedrops of natamycin loaded glycerosomes and thereby improve its entrapment efficiency in the vesicles and enhance its corneal penetration. Methods: Liposomes and glycerosomes loaded with antifungal drug, natamycin, were prepared by thin film hydration technique and the prepared glyerosomes were
more » ... d glyerosomes were optimized by 3 2 factorial design. Results: The best results were displayed by optimized glycerosome formulation. Results indicated higher efficacy of natamycin glycerosomes in terms of entrapment, in vitro penetration, ex vivo percentage penetration and also stability, as compared to that of pure drug and drug loaded liposomes. Natamycin glycerosomes exhibited entrapment efficiency of 80.8471%, in vitro percentage penetration of 93.422%, particle size of 394.5 nm and zeta potential of -27.6, on other hand liposomes exhibited entrapment efficiency of 59.5%, in vitro percentage penetration of 57.6%, particle size of 231.4 nm and zeta potential of -16.5. Conclusion: Optimized glycerosome formulation exhibited maximum entrapment and when compared with pure natamycin solution and liposomes, it exhibited increased ex vivo corneal penetration. Thus, glycerosomes and liposomes of natamycin were successfully prepared and characterized.
doi:10.5530/ijper.54.2s.72 fatcat:ybtqhqrlzjd2vkhtrl5jcbfscu