Anisotropy influence on the rotational and alternating field behavior of soft magnetic materials

A. Kedous-Lebouc, S. Zouzou, P. Brissonneau
1992 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
Magnetic losses of three soft magnetic materials : GO SiFe, NO SiFe and cubic textured NiFe are measured under 50Hz sinusoidal and rotational induction conditions. It is found that, for the NiFe, the losses obtained under 1D or 2D excitations are always lower than the sum of the alternating ones measured along the rolling and transverse directions of the sheet. For the SiFe samples, the principle of superposition is just valid up to 1.OT. This behavior can be connected directly to the
more » ... ly to the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of the material which is about thirty times higher for the SiFe than the NiFe and controls the magnetization processes.
doi:10.1109/20.179630 fatcat:moivws6pfzbprmgs3okczjppp4