Computing Sanskruti Index of Titania Nanotubes

Muhammad Shoaib Sardar, Xiang-Feng Pan, Wei Gao, Mohammad Reza Farahani
2017 Open Journal of Mathematical Sciences  
Let G = (V ; E) be a simple connected graph. The Sanskruti index was introduced by Hosamani and defined as S(G) = uv∈E(G) ( SuSv Su+Sv −2 ) 3 where Su is the summation of degrees of all neighbors of vertex u in G. In this paper, we give explicit formulas for the Sanskruti index of an infinite class of Titania nanotubes T iO 2 [m, n].
doi:10.30538/oms2017.0012 fatcat:3hywuftkyvcdbpdnc2finlrfeq