Андриенко Оксана Александровна, Безенкова Татьяна Александровна, Слепухина Галина Владимировна
2020 Балтийский гуманитарный журнал, № 1(30) 29.02.2020  
In the context of the transformation of modern Russian society, the system of value orientations of all aspects of social life, all social institutions, including the institution of family and marriage, is undergoing significant changes. Realizing the urgency of the problems associated with the loss of traditional family values at the present stage of society's development, the priority areas of state policy are the formation of traditional family values and family lifestyle, the revival of
more » ... itual and moral traditions among the younger generation. Based on the data obtained during the literature analysis, the results of empirical research and adopted the "Concept of state family policy" in the Russian Federation for the period until 2025 was developed the project "Happy family - the future of the country" which purpose is formation at young generation of traditional family values, positive image of marriage and family relations, motivation of membership in formal family relationships, and raising awareness of the future spouses. The following tasks were set: implementation of measures to form the image of the family among young people, maintain conscious family relations, and promote traditional family values; formation of a positive attitude among young people to marriage relations; ensuring the availability of information about family and marriage relations, the psychology of behavior and the needs of each family member; support the young generation in crisis situations, and The work was carried out on the basis of the Magnitogorsk technical University. G. I. Nosova.
doi:10.26140/bgz3-2020-0903-0006 fatcat:sdx3e7q6avfx7mov63aykxpdoi