Performance of Small Scale Hexagonal Portable Soil-Filled Barrier Subjected to Blast Load

Jestin Jelani, Faisal Ali, Mohd Zaid, Othman, Ahmad Mujahid, Ahmad Zaidi, Hapsa Husen
This paper presents the performance of hexagonal Portable Soil-Filled Barrier subjected to blast load. The effectiveness of the Portable Soil-Filled Barrier (PSFB) was evaluated in terms of pressure reduction as well as damage assessment through physical observation measured at front and behind the barrier. The results showed that with the existence of PSFB barrier, pressure was reduced by approximately 25% to 60% compared to the incident blast pressure.From the physical observation it was
more » ... that the Portable Soil-Filled Barrier was slightly burnt but still structurally sound. This implies that PSFB can be used as a good protection against fireball from blast load