Numerical analysis of flow noises in the square cavity vortex based on computational fluid dynamics

Yan Wang, Yongwang Yang, Gaosheng Ma, Yao-ming Zhou
2016 Journal of Vibroengineering  
In order to study turbulence conditions in an underwater square cavity, the large eddy simulation method was adopted to analyze flow field distributions in the cavity as well as its development and pressure pulsation characteristics at some key positions. MATLAB was also adopted to realize Fast Fourier Transform of signals in time domain and obtain pressure pulsation levels in frequency domain. Based on the analyzed results, pressure pulsation characteristics of key points in the cavity were
more » ... ther discussed. The results showed that pressure pulsation frequencies and characteristics were different with different positions in the square cavity and were closely related with relevant vortex motion states. It was found through comparisons with the experimental results, that pressure pulsation simulation had a good consistency with the experiment when the analyzed frequency was more than 31.5 Hz. As a result, feasibility and accuracy of numerical simulation and Fourier analysis methods were verified. Finally, a numerical model of square cavity in near sound field was built, and sound source intensity distributions at two frequency points were extracted. It could be found that the sound source intensity was large at the rear-edge step, which was consistent with the intensity distribution of vortices. Therefore, reliability of the numerical model in this paper was indirectly verified in the results.
doi:10.21595/jve.2016.16782 fatcat:4gwvkkubpbcqbm6vzeta6y5nfq