Improvement of the Efficiency Model in Health Care through the use of Stakeholders' Analysis Techniques [chapter]

Clarissa Côrtes Pires, Carolina Darrigo Vidal
Complex Systems Concurrent Engineering  
The pursuit of health efficiency has become the aim of many stakeholders in their respective sector, because of the increasing demand for health care services and the rising expenses in the sector. However, the efficiency analysis is complex in systems, like the health system, where exist conceptual challenges, multiple objectives and great scope for error. One of the difficulties is the selection of prominent variables of the efficiency model, which represent the requirements of stakeholders.
more » ... he Stakeholders' Analysis is a technique used to evaluate different clusters of insterest in complex systems. Yet, its application for efficiency analysis in the health sector is still rare. This paper aims at using the stakeholders' analysis as a support for the efficient health model and verify its advantages and restrictions.
doi:10.1007/978-1-84628-976-7_70 fatcat:zxr43m5ekbhwdhnovgkbjpsqja