Safety Modifications for Operations and Transportation of the Rangeland Drill

John S. Spencer, Victor M. Rashelof, James A. Young
1979 Journal of range management  
The drill-arm assemblies of rangeland drills modified to make furrows are diffkult and dangerous for one person to raise and secure. A simple mOdifiCatiOn for Safe lifting of these drill arms is described. For transporting rangeland drills on equipment trailers, loading ramps, wheel chocks, and tie-downs were developed and tested. All of these modifications make the use of rangeland drills safer and easier. fF (1 3.1 ' _J L L' J /Tapered bincb 09mm) back 8 inches Grating shown on& 0s 62 stra&ht
more » ... line in front anti square stock /ZOCmj protile views and omitted from top view Hx76x6mm) Serrated safety grating, _ i ix lx&h angle I25x25x6mmJ Trailer side galvanized, f2gauge. a L J type of expanded meta/ shaped in this cross section Detail of ramp supported against trailer Fig. 1. Pictoriul skrtch ojcertuin elements oj rungeland drill, showing position Fig. 2. Rumps jor loading rungeland drill. oj OIW set oj mod~jicution purrs jor lljting drill-urn1 assembly. The ramps were constructed of serrated safety grating. For an Author\ are research technician. Agricultural Research/Science and Education equipment trailer with a deck 25 inches (64 cm) high, the ramps were 8 Administration U.S. Department of Agriculture; general manager, Steelmaster kbrications Inc.;and range scientist. Res./Sci. and Educ. Admin., U.S. Dep. Agr.. feet (2.44 m) long. For an extra margin of safety, the grating was
doi:10.2307/3898029 fatcat:z6pptdixu5gfpksak7jlqanoiq