The computer will see you now: Overcoming barriers to adoption of computer assisted history taking (CAHT) in primary care (Preprint)

Pier Spinazze, Jiska Aardoom, Niels Chavannes, Marise Kasteleyn
2020 Journal of Medical Internet Research  
Patient health information is increasingly collected through multiple modalities, including electronic health records, wearables, and connected devices. Computer-assisted history taking could provide an additional channel to collect highly relevant, comprehensive, and accurate patient information while reducing the burden on clinicians and face-to-face consultation time. Considering restrictions to consultation time and the associated negative health outcomes, patient-provided health data
more » ... e of consultation can prove invaluable in health care delivery. Over the years, research has highlighted the numerous benefits of computer-assisted history taking; however, the limitations have proved an obstacle to adoption. In this viewpoint, we review these limitations under 4 main categories (accessibility, affordability, accuracy, and acceptability) and discuss how advances in technology, computing power, and ubiquity of personal devices offer solutions to overcoming these.
doi:10.2196/19306 pmid:33625360 fatcat:pnlxdle6lzdlnasx7xsclp34ma