Scalar resonances in the $D^+\to K^-K^+K^+$ decay

L. Roca, E. Oset
We study theoretically the resonant structure of the double Cabibbo suppressed $D^+\to K^- K^+K^+$ decay. We start from an elementary production diagram, considered subleading in previous approaches, which cannot produce a final $K^- K^+$ pair at the tree level but which we show to be able to provide the strength of the decay through final meson-meson state interaction. The different meson-meson elementary productions are related through SU(3) and the final rescattering is implemented from a
more » ... table implementation of unitary extensions of ChPT which generate dynamically the scalar resonances $f_0(980)$ and $a_0(980)$. We obtain a good agreement with recent experimental data from the LHCb collaboration with a minimal freedom in the fit and show the dominance of the $a_0(980)$ contribution close to the threshold of the $K^- K^+$ spectrum.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2011.05185 fatcat:r6dp4px65zc7xhaye4zi4t3l24