Effect of acceleration of the decay rate of /sup 198/Au: a preliminary report [report]

D.H. Whitaker
1982 unpublished
Experimental evidence obtained at the Los Alamos National Laboratory during 1980 suggests that the decay rate of )98 Au may be influenced to a measurable extent by acceleration of the bulk material. In the experiments, a sample of 198 Au was subjected to a sustained acceleration of approximately 196 000 g's, and its decay rate was compared with that of a control sample that remained at rest. The decay probability of the accelerated sample was observed to exceed that of the control sample by
more » ... ntrol sample by 7.48 standard deviations. This was the max¬ imum value resulting from comparison of the accelerated sample data and the control sample data. Although not conclusive, these preliminary data are certainly suggestive that a direct coupling may exist between gravitation (acceleration) and nuclear processes (radioactive decay).
doi:10.2172/5187919 fatcat:jfkatxk6urguhpr3rep3ql5744